Tufnell Park Road Street Long Yard Sale

Sale held along Tufnell Park Road last September is joining forces with its
inspiration, the five-year-old Tufnell Park Yard Sale Bonanza, for a massive
jumble sale extravaganza on the 28th September 2014.

Where: in front gardens, on front paths, forecourts and front steps in Tufnell

Who: Local residents (to sell); anyone (to buy)

Why: i) to get rid of clutter. Easily.

ii) to make some money (some people donate all or part of proceeds to their
chosen charity).

iii) to get to know your neighbours (or catch up with them)!

To join you need to register (it’s free) with Jumble Trail http://jumbletrail.com/event/YardSale, which
will plot your address on a map, so that everyone knows you are taking part. If
you like you can also describe the kind of things you’re planning to sell and
add photos.

There is also a website http://tufnell-park.wix.com/yard-sale-bonanza
with more information and a poster to print out and display in your front

If you live in Tufnell Park, do sign up and let your neighbours know about it
too: the more people joining in near you, the bigger the cluster on the map and
the bigger the draw for people to come to your street. And of course, tell your
friends, family and colleagues who don’t live in Tufnell Park to come along to
buy as well!

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