Public Meeting – 7.30pm, Wednesday, 10th December

Tufnell Park Tavern

Inequality bad for Londoners

Both Rich and Poor

Did you know that London is the most unequal area of the UK and has one of the highest concentrations of extremely rich people in the world?

the advers effects of wealth and income inequality have been very much in the news recently and will get even more attention as the 2015 general election approaches. They are raising concerns across the political spectrum.

On Wednesday 10th  December My Fair London, a non-political group providing information and campaigning about inequality in the capital, is hosting a local public meeting.

The speaker will be Sean Baine, Chair of the Equality Trust. In addition to the facts about the situation in London, he will describe the serious ill effects of inequality on all of us, rich or poor, such as health problems, lower social trust, increased crime and depressed demand in the economy. He will also describe the huge social, economic and political benefits of greater equality and put forward ideas for achieving it.

The meeting will be in the coffee bar at the Tavern. All are welcome to attend and join the debate.

For more information, please contact Kathleen Greaves at





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