St George’s Church redevelopment open day

Dear neighbours

Exciting plans have been drawn up for the St George’s Church to be redeveloped and become an eco-friendly church and community space.

An open day is planned for Saturday 19th July, 12:30-4pm and you are invited to visit and see the plans and talk to the project manager and architects. Light refreshments will be available.

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One Response to St George’s Church redevelopment open day

  1. Alex Keel says:

    It would appear that the original plans have been radically altered, resulting in a 55 metre high tower block (equal height to the clock face of Big Ben well over 2.5x the height of Wilfred Fienburgh Court).
    The tower block would be so high (and surrounding buildings at 40 meters high would dwarf neighbouring properties, with even numbers 2,4,6 and 8 St. Geoerge’s Avenue as well as 85, 87 and 89 Carleton Road likely to be immersed in almost permanent shade until around 1300 hrs daily due to the height of the building.

    This is NOTHING like the previous plans but a RADICAL plan, probably with the sale of the site earmarked as the church clearly does no longer attract a congregation.

    The reference number of the new application, registered on 09th March 2016 with Islington Council, is P2015/5074/FUL.

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