Recommendations Required

Dear neighbour

Can you recommend a trustworthy cleaner or a reliable handyman? Have you had your roof repaired or your windows draughtproofed and were happy with the work?

We would like to expand the Services list for the benefit of all so please send us your suggestions.

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Damage to Trees in St George’s Avenue

This letter has been sent to us:

Dear St George’s team.

I was out to walk yesterday and noticed substantial damage (new and older) to the barks of at least three trees, one of them a larger sapling. The damage, I would say, was caused by sticking something like a stanley knife into the bark and cutting it?  It appears that one of the trees is also “tagged”.

The trees form part of the charm of St George’s Avenue and the bark of the sapling may be damaged very far (too far?).  We are already missing one or two trees nearer the cup-de-sac end of the Avenue.

Just thought that I bring this to the attention of the association and have cc’d in the Anti Social Behaviour officer, Sharon Davie, whom I will be seeing this afternoon.

Thank you.

Please keep your eyes open to prevent any further damage done to the trees of our street!

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